About Us

Liza channels the energy of Source consciousness that she lovingly refers to as The MVP (MultiVerse Posse). Liza blends her personal consciousness with that of Source and becomes a translator of the high vibration frequency of pure LOVE. When she accesses the Universal Wisdom that this loving energy offers she is able to radiate out to others. The MVP shares a message of self love as a means to wholeness and knowing yourself as Source energy. They recognize it is your understanding of the nature of reality and your ability to master self love, that allows you to find this place of Source love within. Together they share a frequency of love that will, like a tuning fork, open you up to that resonance within yourself.

As a dynamic energy worker, Liza holds this space of consciousness for others so they too may access it and live from this place of wholeness. 

 To contact us please send an email to [email protected]. Thank you. 


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