About Me

Liza is a dynamic energy worker. She has made it her life's mission to help others understand the energy of their existence and the truth that we are all one. 

She works in co-creation with her connection to All That Is, The MVP (MultiVerse Posse). Through shifting her vibration, she becomes a translator of the frequency of pure LOVE, accessing the Universal Wisdom this loving energy offers and radiatiating it out to others. Together, we share a message of understanding the nature of reality and your ability to master self love, as a means to wholeness, that allows you to find this place of Source love within and know yourself as Source. We share a frequency of love that will, like a tuning fork, open you up to that resonance within yourself.

For most of her life, Liza has recognized her connection to more that we can experience with just our physical senses. She has always been able to put people at ease and they have always “just opened up to her, sharing intimate details of their lives”. She now understands, this is her ability to elevate the frequency to and hold the vibration of LOVE for all those she comes in contact with. 

Liza considers her biggest accomplishment in life the healing and rewriting of her own energy patterns (something she considers an ongoing process) to go from a life headed for depression and despair to one of love and abundance, and teaching other women how to do the same in her Level Up to LOVE program. 

When not working with others, Liza enjoys sitting in the sunshine and looking at all the hibiscus and other blooms in her garden. Doing anything at the beach, especially sunsets and sunrises. Playing with her crystals and oracle cards. Eating hot & spicy chicken wings. 

The projects Liza is currently working on are: Podcast, LJW & the MVP talks; Book, The Story of You; Bringing in person workshops online; Second deck of Oracle cards. 

Liza shares this understanding through personal energy readings, coaching, programs and in group events. 

You can contact her at [email protected]



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