Illuminated Intuitive Oracle Cards

A deck to work with and expand your intuition.
Click the button below to be taken to the order form. Get your deck now and start enhancing your intuition and living from the inspired state you were meant to.

Click the button below to be taken to the order form. Get your deck now and start enhancing your intuition and living from the inspired state you were meant to.

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About this card deck.

What is an Illuminated Intuitive? Any being that is choosing to use their intuition to become more aware, enlightened, awakened and illuminated is and Illuminated Intuitive. If you are using this deck, you are an Illuminated Intuitive.

This card deck was created with the intention and understanding that you have all you need within you. And by speaking the intentions on the cards, connecting with the energy of the chakras and going within, you can access the Infinite Intelligence that resides within you.  That river of Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Love & Infinite Bliss that resides within you, is Source (the Universe, God, etc.). When you recognize this Source within you, you recognize your Source self. Using this card deck assists you in reconnecting to your Source self so you can live from that inspired guidance. I like to call this our Soul Inspired Guidance. Our soul is the individual expression of Source that is our own distinct personality. Our intuition keeps us connected to our Soul and the Source from which we come.

Our intuition is meant to guide us through our physical experiences from our cosmic perspective. This is why I work with the container of the chakras. They allow us to work through all levels of consciousness, building on each one, to recognize and transmute the energy of each level, before moving into the oneness of Source. Our journey here isn't about reaching enlightenment and staying there, it's about reaching enlightenment in each thing we do and bringing it back down into our physical experience. An Illuminated Intuitive, lives from this enlightened level of consciousness, accessing their intuition and living from that guidance.

There is no difference between your physical and spiritual experience, they are one in the same.When you consciously bring the energy of Source into everything you do, you live an Illuminated life as the blended being you are. Through working with this card deck you will start to live more authentically as the blended version of yourself. You are a soul and a human being. All wrapped up in one amazing package. That's also what it means to be an Illuminated Intuitive.

Note: Each chakra relates to an area of our life experience and a level of consciousness. See below for more information on the Chakras.

How to Use this Card Deck

My intention is for you to access your intuition to use this deck. I have included my favorite ways below to help you get started.

Before starting, I always ask "What do I need to integrate into my being and express out into the world?" This allows me to be open to receive and use the energy in a productive way.

1.Prompt journal entries. Pull a card and ponder it. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and let the words roll around in your energy as your repeat them silently in your head a few times and feel into the space in between the words. Paying special attention to the area of your body associated with the chakra on the card. Then write about what comes up. You will be amazed at how this simple process can move old energy that has been hiding deep within.

2. Meditate. Pull a card and meditate on the chakra. Place your attention on the area of the body that relates to that chakra. Repeat the message to yourself, like a mantra until you feel ready to release it and then let yourself float in the energy, allowing whatever comes up (feelings, images, body sensations) to be acknowledged and pass by. No need to interact with the information. Just let it be seen, heard or felt as it passes by out of your energy. Being released back into the Universe and you occupy the infinite space in between. 

3. Pick a card a day. This is my favorite way to use a new deck. It allows me to get to know the cards and connect energetically to them. Just pick one card a day. You can shuffle them every day and pick a card or shuffle them once and then pick the top card each day until you've gone through the whole deck. You can make this part of your morning routine. Each day ask "What do I need to integrate into my being and express out into the world?", then pull a card and let the message and the chakra guide you through your day. Using it as a mantra to connect to that energetic state and also as a compass to direction your actions. 

4. Understand a situation better. These cards are about you and building your connection. But sometimes we need guidance on how to act in a situation involving another person. In that case you can do a 3 card spread. Card one is the base of the problem. Card two is what you can do right now to find harmony in the situation. Card three is the expected outcome if you follow the guidance in card two. (In this type of reading, the chakra information is often more prevalent then the words.)

Chakras are energetic centers that connect our physical and non-physical energy bodies. We send and receive energetic information through our chakras. Each chakra relates to an area of our life experience and a level of consciousness. You are experiencing life through all the chakras, this is why harmony and balance in your energy is vital.

The information is presented as follows:

Chakra - Element - Drive - Results in - Level of Consciousness

Root Chakra - Earth - Basic Survival - Grounding - Physical Consciousness

Sacral Chakra - Water - Physical Procreation - Sexuality - Emotional Consciousness

Solar Plexus Chakra - Fire - Will Power - Power - Ego Consciousness

Heart Chakra - Air - Awakening - Peace - Social Consciousness

Throat Chakra - Sound - Creative Expression - Creativity - Creative Consciousness

Third Eye Chakra - Light - Higher Knowledge - Imagination - Global Consciousness

Crown Chakra - Thought - Unity - Bliss - Universal Consciousness

**Gold cards are a general card that accesses all chakras and imbues you with the energy of Source. **

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