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Become the self loving, conscious creator you know you were meant to be.


Daily Chakra Meditation

This is a short, less than 8 minutes, meditation that you can do anytime of day to balance and connect with your chakras. I use it like a daily shower for my chakras. Plus there is a Chakra Cheat Sheet PDF included.

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How to LOVE Yourself UP  Guide

This little guide will give you small, easy steps to take to stop putting yourself last and start nurturing yourself, so you can be the best you possible.

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Connecting to Your Multi-Dimensional Self Workshop

This is a previously recorded workshop.

This workshop helps you discover your multidimensional self. Those aspects of you that reside on different levels of energetic frequencies.

You will learn about your energy bodies and work with them in a tangible way.

You will do an exercise to meet your Higher Self/Soul and your Guides (aspects of your MDS).

You will learn techniques to access and connect with your multidimensional self. In this class you will learn various techniques that will set you up for success in connecting to your multidimensional self.

You will also learn techniques that include how to relax your body, what sensations to look for, personalizing your experience and most importantly, trusting and connecting.

There is also a recorded Q & A session at the end from the live teaching.

This workshop includes a 90 minute video and a PDF worksheet.


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Grow Your Gifts

Embrace and enhance your intuitive gifts in 7 days. 

Grow Your Gifts is a 7 day program to help you understand your own personal language with Source. 
I give you the tools to start using that communication in your everyday life. 


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Energy of LOVE

Energy of LOVE is an 18 month program, that was taught live as a monthly memebership. It is self paced so you can move through it as quickly or as slowly as you like.

Energy of LOVE is a monthly program to support you in creating and sustaining a lifestyle of self love as an intuitive woman. We give you a clear plan to move along the path of development towards using your intuition in your daily life and living your soul's purpose.


Level Up 2 LOVE

This is Liza's flagship course. Created to help those seeking to understand themselves as energy. It offers clear information that you can experience right away, allowing you to live your energy instead of just learning about it. This course is based on the understanding that you are your own point of attraction, and that point of attraction should be total self-love.

This course will give you the basic tools you need to start focusing on yourself, so you can show up as the person you truly are. This course is a combination of videos, MP3's and PDF's.

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Live Your LOVE

Live your LOVE is a 12 week program that combines self study modules with group coaching. This is a course in transmuting energy at different levels of consciousness to lead you into self mastery.