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Uncategorized May 13, 2018

Your truth is your truth, and someone else’s is theirs. There is no absolute right or wrong. But we often can’t see this because we get stuck in one point in time, one version of reality. We are pure Source energy and every moment is new and different. Always expanding always changing. When we connect with our innate Source energy, we allow ourselves to shift and expand our consciousness, giving us a broader perspective.
What is Source? It is pure energy. That from which we come, all that is. It is ever expanding and never ending. It is pure consciousness. WE as humans are this consciousness focused in a place and time. That is why being aware of our consciousness and expanding it is so important. It allows us to connect with ourselves as pure Source energy and let go of the illusion that we are this one point in time. When we go within, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of what we are and let go of who we think we are. This can sound scary at first, but the truth is it frees you up to be the best version of you possible. It allows you the pure freedom of knowing.

Meditation, awareness practice, whatever you want to call it is our connection to our true nature and our pure potential. Understanding that you are not your physical experience or your personality, but instead an ever-evolving manifestation into the physical of where you place your consciousness, isn’t the end of your individuality, it’s actually the beginning. The freedom you receive from this understanding allows you to constantly recreate yourself and your reality, always expanding into something new and different. What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to be your past, you can create who you want to be whenever. It means you don’t have to be held back by other people’s judgement or their experiences. When we acknowledge our potential as pure Source energy and we move into new incarnations of ourselves, we are allowing healing on all levels. We aren’t dismissing what happened in the past as unimportant, we are shifting the energy to create a new reality that is more in tune with our higher vibration. And each time we shift into a higher vibration, we are releasing the old, lower vibrational energy from our past, allowing ourselves to be lighter and freer. There is no need to worry about leaving anything or anyone behind, as you are only shifting from one vibration to the next, always leveling up, shifting into the highest vibration of yourself, the one that has the most impact of love and peace on the planet. Those old energies still exist, because some are still living in them. But by shifting into a higher vibration, you are creating more of that on this earth plane, and you become a beacon so to speak for those still in the lower vibrations to find you and start their own journey of leveling up. This is how we shift the planet into a higher vibration through our energy alone.
So, what does this have to do with your truth and their truth? When you place your attention (consciousness, energy) on other people’s experience and compare it to what you believe, you are giving energy to their reality and getting stuck in that vibration. An example would be war. You can feel love for all humankind, but the minute you place your attention on war to protest it and say how bad and wrong it is, all your attention is going there, all your energy, and no matter what high vibration you were in, you drop down to the one of judgement and fear that is associated with war. You are fueling the energy of war by being in that vibration. Therefore it is so important to be aware of where your attention is, this is why so many people give up watching the news as they start their ascension process. But how do we stop war you ask? WE don’t. WE create more love, more harmony, more peace. I know this sounds like some old hippie nonsense, but science will prove that like attracts like. This is real, physical stuff.
How does this translate into your everyday life? When you are walking around as the highest version of yourself you are radiating pure love that extends out and touches everyone. But more than that, you are creating the life you desire and deserve. See the creation vibration, the one you come from, pure Source energy, can be flowing into you and through you whenever you desire. This means you can create the life you want, the job you want, the friends you want and the peace, love and joy you want. Not because you change the current people or situations you are in but because you change your own vibration and where you are placing your energy, attention and consciousness. You shift you so you can shift your version of reality and then you attract more of the vibe you are in. This is how clubs & organizations work. They create an energy and attract more of it. This is how mentorship programs work. Creating the energy within the space, shifting and leveling up. This is how all club sports teams work and gifted programs. It has been a part of humankind as long as we have been here. We have just forgotten about it.
I can hear some of you, but what about the suffering in the world. As long as there is fear people will suffer. If you raise your vibe you are leaving them behind, you are leading the way for them, showing them what’s possible. When you are abundant you can help them more from this space then when you are mired down in the fear and lack mindset they are in. Most charities run off the big donations of a few, do you think they are stuck in the suffering of others or in the potential they will have with what was gifted to them? The latter, every time.
When we refuse to see our own potential and that of others we are holding us all back. But when we remember that each person has their own truth and their own journey and it is not our business to tell them how to take their path, but only to lead the way on our own, will we be free to truly reach our potential as Source connected beings on this planet we call home.
I love working with people to help them shift their understanding of this reality and their potential in it. When you are ready to shift yours so you can expand your reality and embrace all life has to offer, please send me an email at [email protected]


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