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Uncategorized Mar 20, 2018

I came across a book on Amazon on empathy. And I was actually looking up a book on essential oils and emotions. So I thought odd, but…
Of course I looked at it and the table of contents.
And my heart went out to this guy.
He just didn’t know any better. He was advocating that if you could know what type of empath you were you could manage the symptoms of suffering that other people caused you.
Wow! That other people cause you. Wow! Basically you are powerless.
But this is how empaths have been trained. That the power is outside of them. That suffering is a consequence of their gift. You have to take the good with the bad.
Not so! Not freaking so!

But this is the story that is perpetuated. And I believe this guy believes he is helping people. And to be fair, he is. In the best way he knows how. He’s helping them survive. He even touches on the addictive behavior that most empaths acquire as a coping mechanism. So I believe his heart is there 100%.
But man, that is surviving at its core. Just keeping your head above water, still being a victim of your empathy. Living from a state of lack consciousness and the prosperity consciousness that surrounds us.
And the worst part is he has all the tools right their, he’s just using them wrong. He’s trying to hammer a nail in with a screw diver. Basically, he is connecting to Source sporadically, and still not believing he is one with Source.
And I used to think this way. I didn’t know any better. I let others experiences dictate my idea of myself, what my capabilities were, what my limitations were.
Until I realized my empathy was my direct line to Source. My direct connection to acknowledging the beauty in life. The way I navigate my own internal space, not others. And once I connected with Source and used my empathy to connect with the love and abundance all around me, I began to thrive. I switched from a lack consciousness to and abundance consciousness, and as my inner world changed, my outer world reflected it. I was no longer a victim of anything or anyone.
Empath aren’t a victims of other peoples energies, empaths are victims of so many misunderstandings. Misunderstanding their own role in their energy, their connection to Source, their natural gravitation towards Love and joy and most of all misunderstanding that they have a choice, that the power is in their hands.
And worst off, most of us have the tools we need to get there, we’ve just been taught to use them in the wrong way.
If you are ready to stop being a victim of your empathy and want to learn how to use the tools you have, to connect with Source energy all the time not just some of the time. Reach out.

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