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Uncategorized Jan 17, 2018

Why Empaths? Why Source Energy?

Source Energy is that from which we come. It is the highest vibration of love frequency. It is that which is the source of who we are. It is the ultimate non-physical essence of being.

Our human minds cannot comprehend Source. There are no words that can describe this abundance that is our true nature. The only way for humans to understand Source Energy is to have a personal experience. We have small glimpses of connection to Source Energy when we connect with our own feelings/emotions of joy, bliss and love. When we connect with others through these same emotions we are now having a soul to soul connection. A first step on the path to Source connection.

Empaths are those who chose to incarnate into human form with their multi-senses still wide open to connect with all incarnations of Source energy. WE as empaths are innately hardwired to be in the flow of Source.

Then why do we feel so depleted and dragged down by other people’s emotions?

Aha! That is the missing key, that we as empaths have not recognized.

My understanding of empaths is different from what you may have read or heard or even known to be your own experience up to this point. As I said above, empaths are hardwired to be connected with and in the flow of Source energy. Every being is Source energy incarnate. Every being has chosen to forget this for the most part when they incarnate to have full, rich experiences of what ever they chose. Every being, as part of this forgetting has turned the volume down on their senses. Empaths also have forgotten their Source connection, but still have their volume turned up at full blast.

This leaves empaths living fully in a physical, human mindset with the energetic experience of non-physical. Meaning we are living in a world where everyone is at a 2 volume and our experience is a 12 volume. We do not have the words or ability to describe or understand what it is happening until we remember our Source connection.

WE do this through cultivating a connection to our soul. Our soul is our connection to Source that is housed within our physical body. WE make this connection by living authentically in alignment with ourselves, with our joy. This is also how WE get out of the habit of connecting to the heavier, denser lower frequencies of sadness, pain, guilt, lack, fear, etc. In an effort to turn our volume down (from a high vibe to a lower one) WE have trained ourselves to connect with these emotions from our limited human perspective. That is why empaths feel compelled to help everyone. WE have connected in with the lowest, density frequency of mass consciousness and made it our own. But WE can change our perspective, shift our frequency and connect with the higher frequency mass consciousness of love.

If you are an empath, it is vital to your health, happiness and existence that you start to shift your perception, your understanding of reality. If you are reading this, you have already started that shifting process. You have already become aware. You are probably having some discomfort as your physical and soul are shifting into alignment with one another.

Even if you are not an empath, you may be experiencing this shift.

You have started on the path of integration between the physical and non-physical. What does this mean for you? It means that you will start to consciously live your life as a non-physical being having a physical experience. It means that all you experience will be richer and fuller. It means that you will start living in the flow of Source. Your understanding of things will be much broader. Yes, you will still cry, laugh, get mad, be hurt, experience joy and everything in between; but you will have a deeper understanding and expression of the experience.

From your new Source connected vantage point, your physical experience will be so much more. You will truly live as the incarnation of Source that you are, here to have experiences, to use your human body as a vehicle for all the emotions, but you will no longer get stuck in or attached to the emotions, you will move through them like water in a stream.

Welcome to the flow of Source energy. Come on in, it feels wonderful!!


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