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Why choose conscious spiritual evolution?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

We are all on a spiritual journey. You are having a spiritual experience whether you realize it or not. Most people realize to some degree that they are having spiritual experiences, but many are at a loss as to why and what to do with these blips on their radar. 

So often, in an effort to understand or learn more, people get lost on their journey. Information is endless. There are as many explanations for things as their are people on this planet. And just as many truths. It's easy to see why people who want to learn to navigate their spiritual experience, get confused and frustrated. 

After taking in all this information, having all these experiences and still feeling inept at how to incorporate it into daily life, many people end up feeling like a fraud. I know I did. I had books, cards, crystals, certificates, I could talk to dead people and my guides most days, I studied with several famous teachers, but I was still stuck in the no-mans land that is between our physical and spiritual experience. 

I felt like a fraud. I felt inauthentic. I felt lost. I just wanted to live my life in harmony with what I knew to be true for me. But I just couldn't make all the pieces fit together. I didn't have the confidence (or the understanding) to live my physical life from the spiritual knowing that I had. I felt like I was stuck between two different worlds and misunderstood by most people.

I didn't know what to do with the extra-sensory information I received or why I was even receiving it. I went through the phase where I felt like it was my responsibility to do something with all this extra info. (This is common when we are living from 3rd Chakra consciousness.) Then I moved on from there and was able to realize that I was simply connected to something more (6th Chakra consciousness) and I didn't have to do anything with all the info I received. But I still didn't know what this connection had to do with my daily life, how it fit in or how to manage it. 

One day when I was in meditation, it became clear to me. I thought I had been consciously choosing my spiritual evolution. By going to classes, reading books & trying out each new thing that came my way. But I wasn't, and neither are you if that is what you are doing. That is just busy work. It's fun, but it doesn't lead us to the liberation that allows us to live as the whole beings we long to live as. We always hear, we are spiritually beings having a physical experience, but until you've accessed your expanded consciousness, it is difficult to really know this in every fiber of your being. You cannot integrate this truth into your being until you have experienced, and learned to live in, expanded consciousness, Source connection, enlightenment. 

That's it! When you choose conscious spiritual evolution, you are choosing to move through the different levels of consciousness (I use the chakras as a road map for this evolution). You are choosing to sit in your discomfort, master your energy, expand into the next level and finally unite with your own connection to Source energy and consciously live from that expanded awareness every day. You choose to happen to life. You choose to take the journey with your eyes wide open. You choose to leave behind what you think you know for what your heart has been telling you that you really know all along. 

So, why choose spiritual evolution? Because it is the only way to feel whole and complete in your physical experience. It is the only way to get rid of that nagging feeling that there is something more, that you are something more. Because it is the only way to have the confidence, trust and knowing to live as your authentic self and hold space for the world to do the same. 

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