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Where is your energy going?

energy mindset self care Nov 30, 2022

Do you know where your energy is going? 

I hear from so many women, who like I used to be, feel exhausted, overwhelmed and low energy on a regular basis. 

And these are women, who like me, had tons of energy most of their life. But now they find themselves running out of steam. 

In a nutshell, our energy goes where our attention goes. 

And for most of us, our attention is everywhere but on ourselves. 

Usually taking care of the people we love, making sure noone feels left out and trying to get all the things done. 

And this was sustainable for a while, or so it seems. But in truth, we've been slowly depleting our energy slowly over time, until one day, BOOM, it seems like we hit the wall. 

I'm talking about our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. 

Together, these make up the essence of who we are. 

And when we don't take time to replenish ourselves, like in meditation, we slowly start running out of energy and coast on those fumes. And, if you are like me, you'd give yourself just enough time to renew yourself, but not enough time to truly replenish. 

It's like you run your gas tank all the way to the fumes of empty and then only fill it up enought just to get where you need to go next. If you didn't know that's bad for your engine, lol, I learned that from expereince. 

It's not good to do to your car and it's not good to do to your body, mind and soul. 

So what to do? Seriously, giving yourself 1-2 ten minute down times a day is huge. You don't even have to meditate. Just close your eyes and breathe, drink a cup of hot tea you like or a glass of wine. And just check out, let your mind wander and most importantly, refocus your attention on you! 

A little trick I like to do is say to myself, while focusing on my heart chakra "I call all my energy back and I release all energy that doesn't belong to me." 

Your energy is the basis for all you do. So please take some time for yourself to reign yours back in and refocus it on yourself. 

Much love always, 

Liza Jane Wolf

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