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Uncategorized Apr 01, 2018

I am often asked by people, what exactly I mean when I say Source.

The first thing I notice isn’t the actual question they are asking, but their hesitation about what I may say. I find people, like I have done in the past, are curious if what I am going to say is the same thing they are thinking. They think “What if our beliefs don’t match up?” or “What if I don’t agree?” and some people even stop to realize, they don’t really know what Source means to them. I think this is a direct reflection of spirituality and religion being lumped together. They are two different things. And recognizing that is freeing for many people.

I find people are often pleasantly surprised with my answer. The short answer is, Source is pure love, all that is, the pure energy we came from before we incarnated. Knowing that is the true essence, Source can show up to you in any way that you like.


For many that is God, for some it is the Universe, for others it is simply their higher selves. There are so many different ways for you to connect with Source. But the easiest and the purest, is within yourself.

Let me back track. We are energy. Pure energy. Yes we are physical but that is not our natural or even our purest state. Not sure you believe this? Check the science. Everything is energy. Everything vibrates at a different frequency and this causes things to be less or more dense. We come from pure energy. And the highest frequency, the highest vibration of energy is love. Science proves this too. (Side note – did you know that current science is only recently able to work out some of Einstein’s theories, and are only now able to even go past them theoretically? Pretty cool.)

Suffice it to say, it is not a far leap to recognize that we are pure energy that comes from pure energy. Thus the term Source, the source of pure energy that we come from and are a part of. The coolest thing about this is that man has known this on many levels, since the beginning of time. There are countless references across all cultures and religions, referring to a higher power that we come from. That we are made in the image of. That we are still connected to through our inner essence. We experience this in the quiet space inside ourselves. And no matter what religion you did or didn’t grow up in, each and every one of us has had that personal connection to something more, something bigger than ourselves, something that wrapped us in love and let us know everything is ok. This is Source. I can’t put it into words, but I can remind you of all the times you connected with Source.

Source is your inner knowing, of what feels good and what doesn’t. Source is that moment when you pause to take in everything that is so amazing and beautiful. Source is your laughter, your love and your joy. That is Source.

And another cool thing is that we all vibrate and our vibrations attract similar vibrations. How? We are senders and receivers of energy. What ever we are vibrating, we will send out and receive back in. Like one big energy boomerang. Our purest power is in our ability to send out and receive energy vibrations. How do we do this you ask? With our thoughts and beliefs which are powered by our emotions. (That is for another article.)

When we pause first thing in the morning and throughout the day to connect with Source. We take that pure energy into ourselves and allow it to flow out of us. You’ve all had this experience, either as the sender or receiver of Source energy. Take a moment to think of how wonderful that was.

When we take time each day to connect with the purest form of ourselves, we allow that pure energy to flow into us, through us and out of us. That is how we live a life of love and fulfillment. That is how we help mankind and make shifts on this planet.

So, when people ask me what I mean by Source, they usually end up defining the most beautiful and loving part of themselves.

And with that thought I ask you… what is Source to you and how do you connect?


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