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What do you think about your emotions?

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2019

I think I can safely say we are all aware of our emotions and the impact they have on us, be it positive or negative. But what often goes overlooked, is what we think about the emotions we are having and how we react or respond to them. 


Emotions are energy in motion. As energetic beings, emotions are a language that we “speak” in our natural, fluid state of energy. All that means is that emotions deliver to us an abundance of information compressed into that quick emotion. It’s kind of like one of those toys that’s an inch tall, until you put it in water and then it’s 8 inches tall. What we do with that emotion and the energetic information it is delivering to us, makes all the difference. 


This is where what we think about our emotions comes into play. Emotion happens in an instant. We have no control over its manifestation because it is information that is being delivered. We do however have control over whether we choose to react or respond. How we feel about the emotion we just had is what we think about it. And it is in that moment of experiencing the emotion that we can decide to think negatively, neutrally or positively about it. Each one of these choices leads down a different path. Each one of these choices dictates the feeling we create around that emotional event which in turn creates an energy pattern that we will start to run, often unconsciously, within our subtle energy bodies. 


This is why we react to events and we don’t understand why. This is why we have triggers. This is why we decide ahead of time how we are going to feel about something. And you could argue, all of these are protective measures meant to protect us against having to go through that emotional experience again. But what does that mean? If you don’t get a math problem right in school, do they protect you from trying to solve the problem again? No, it doesn’t serve you. Cutting ourselves off from an emotional experience, doesn’t serve us either. When we have received the information from that experience and we don’t allow ourselves to process the information (i.e. be present in the experience and ultimately shift from a negative viewpoint to a neutral or even positive viewpoint about it) we create a negative energy pattern that will attract similar versions of that experience, on an energetic level, over and over again, until we allow ourselves to be present in our emotions, receive the energetic information and create a new experience for ourselves. 


For many we may be able to do this on the first encounter with the manifested emotion, but for most we cannot. Do you ever notice you tend to get yourself in the same situation over and over again, just with different people? I’ll use the example of boundaries. If you have weak boundaries and you don’t acknowledge the anger you have over “being taken advantage of by others” that energy pattern will slowly start to get more and more dense, moving from your subtle mental body into your dense physical body. As the frequency shifts from anger to anxiety to despair to apathy to finally feeling shameful about all the feelings you are experiencing about yourself and towards the other person, you are being given another opportunity at each new frequency, to shift how you feel about the emotional experience. Unfortunately, most of us miss that opportunity because we ignore the emotion and how we feel about it, never giving it enough air time for us to work with it until we hit shame and have to deal with the physical issues that have been caused by this frequency density in our body. Or worse yet, we get stuck at the frequency, living every day from the perspective of that emotional experience, never taking the opportunity to expand and grow that it is offering us. 


We are energy beings at our core, all from the same Source, all one in our whole state. We are here on this planet to experience ourselves as individuated aspects of this Source energy. We are here to experience contrast. Our emotions hold the key for us to ride the waves of this contrast, our opportunities to experience ourselves. Are you consciously choosing to think about the messages your emotions are giving you and feel them in your body riding the wave of creation? Or are you stuffing them down or getting lost in them, forever holding yourself in a place of stagnation, unable to shift the energy and make the changes you so desire in your life? 


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