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Uncategorized Jan 03, 2018

What are you choosing in each moment?

Every moment, every breath, WE have a choice.

Having a choice does not mean YOU get to control what others are doing? It does mean YOU get to choose how you are acting and reacting. The ability to control all the variables in our story is an illusion. WE can only control our own actions. WE can always co-create with others, but never control.

WE often forget that WE are in control. Often blaming others for what is happening to us. From someone cutting us of in traffic, causing us to have a bad day to someone rejecting us and causing us to shut down our hearts. Yes, YOU can experience a reaction in both of this situations. But YOU choose how long and how severe YOU will react. Events happen that are out of our control, but how WE choose to react is all on US. YOU have all the power to live the life you want. If YOU have closed your heart off because someone deceived you are hurt you, that is YOUR choice.

People often ask me how to get over something that was traumatic to them, I always answer YOU CHOOSE TO. WE are here to experience our emotions. They are our strongest indicator of where we are headed. And most emotions are just that, an experience, to be short lived. Our true home is love, we visit pain and suffering. And hopefully one day, we realize, pain and suffering doesn’t serve us and we visit it less and become homebodies in the emotion of love.

There is only LOVE and fear. Where are YOUR choices based from? YOU can always back track YOUR action/reaction to see. Getting mad at the driver who cut you off, that is fear based. Closing your heart because of a love gone wrong, also fear based. Use your fears to guide YOU, not hold YOU back.

I will also add, staying in the grief of a loved one that has passed is also fear. When you connect with love, you miss them in the physical, but you release that grief (Guilt, Remorse, Illusion, Equals Fear) and start to embrace the non-physical energy of love that is still around you. I understand this is hard for some to believe when they first experience a loss, but it is true. You will come to it in time as you start living from a place of choice.

Are you choosing to let life happen to you or are you choosing to participate and co-create?

With that I leave YOU in LOVE. I look forward to seeing the life YOU create from YOUR new vantage point of choice.


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