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Uncategorized May 24, 2018

If you are an empath, you are well aware of your ability, to not just often feel the emotions of others, but you may also see, hear and know things associated with those emotions and feelings. And unless you were fortunate enough to come to this earth with a guidebook on how to work with those amazing gifts, you have probably been fumbling along, learning through trial and error. Because you have been learning from others who also learned from trial and error and so on and so on  You have been probably been made aware of more of the short comings of being an empath and not so much of the power of being an empath. And if you are lucky enough to have recognized or been taught the power, it still has probably come attached with a reminder of the short comings.

Well I am here to tell you, you no longer have to hang on to those short comings and negative side effect as a way to navigate your empathic journey. Our journey, our gifts, are about our connection to Source and all that happens as a domino effect of that. When we start, as we have been taught, from a place of needing to be protected, of not being able to control the people/energy around us and all the other stuff that puts the power outside of ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for failure.


A long time ago, empaths, heck all people, knew that the power resided within them, within their connection to Source/God/the Universe/All that is. And we flowed abundantly in all forms from this place. Connecting to Source energy, creating what we needed and living in peace and joy. And then someone got the idea that we couldn’t connect by ourselves, that there were forces greater than us that had more power than us. And enough people started fearing this illusion (F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real) and allowed it to flood our beings, our knowing, until we started raising children to believe this same illusion. But the truth is, the power has only ever been within you. The power for everything.

So most of the teachers that have come before you, in spite of their desire to connect you with Source, have been going about it based on an old understanding, an old fear based illusion – that the power lies outside of you. That’s what protection is, asking a power outside of you to keep you safe from another power outside of you.

I am here on planet earth, to show you a new way to be, to understand, to live and to be empathic. I came onto this earth with a manual and a whole group of beings (the MVP) to teach other empaths their the true power of their empathy, to share my manual with them, so they can know where to look within to find there own manual.  It took me a while to uncover it, recognize it and use it, but man once I did, I became an amazing empathic power to be seen and heard. I was no longer affected by the external world, I now effect the external world. Through massive love and abundance. See I understand now that the power of my empathy is to project, not absorb. The power of my empathy is to touch on other peoples energy information (emotions) as a way to navigate, not take it in, on and get stuck in it. And most of all I know the power of my empathy is my connection to Source and resides 100% inside of me!

I use my empathy to work with other empaths, you might use your empathy to work with kids, be the best mom ever or run a Fortune 500 company. It doesn’t matter how you are honoring your empathy and expressing it’s power, only that you are. All empaths have a longing to serve and use their empathy to make the world a better place, that’s what drives us.  But because no one has shown you how to uncover your manual and use it, you haven’t been able to fulfill that longing and quite frankly have probably been wandering around lost and feeling empty. Recognizing your empathy as a power and using it as a power IS how you live your purpose. It IS how you live life to the fullest. It IS how you change the world, whether that be globally, in your community or in your home. It all works together because it is all connected together because it is all Source energy.

I am here to help a legion of empaths recognize their power and start effecting the world with their vast connection to Source energy. Are you ready?

– – Namaste

When you are ready to uncover your manual and start harnessing your power as an empath to have a truly positive effect on your own life and those around you, send me an email, I’d love to work with you.  [email protected]


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