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Uncategorized Jul 28, 2018

So often we are asking for signs from the Universe, our loved ones, our guides and angels, but we aren’t sure when and even if we are receiving them. And when we do receive them, sometimes we are not even sure what they mean.

Signs can come in so many different forms and are often so mundane and subtle they are easy to miss and dismiss. Some common signs are feathers, butterflies & change. Unless there is a feather on your pillow, a butterfly in your car or some pennies in your shoe, you might just write it off as coincidence. One main thing we have to remember when we are asking for signs is to be open, don’t judge and feel with our heart, not think with our mind. It is our mind that rationalizes the notion away that we have received a sign. But if in that moment, in the first few seconds, we tune into our bodies and feel the energy, we know without a doubt we have received a sign. And the more we do this, the easier it becomes to acknowledge the signs. We rarely doubt, and when we do, we can shift out of that space so much quicker because we KNOW in our entire being that we have been receiving the signs. This opens up the lines of communication.

Once we accept and allow the sign, we want to know what it means. Sometimes it’s a simple yes/no we can translate easily. Sometimes it is just a feeling of peace or comfort. Sometimes we need to take in all the info and process it or ask a few more questions. Think about why you wanted the sign in the first place. And what was happening when you received the sign, what were you thinking, where were you did anything else catch your attention. These can all be information that helps you further receive the answer you were looking for. You an ask, is there more I need to know? And you can always ask your body how you feel about all that you are receiving.

Signs are a beautiful way for us to communicate with the non-physical. Sometimes it’s a quick conversation and sometimes it lasts for days. Either way, I hope you are allowing yourself to receive all that comes from a seemingly simple sign, and all the possibilities it opens you up to.


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