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Self LOVE leads to Self Mastery

This is part 4 of a 4 part email series. To read the previous emails you can go here.

So know you have created a foundation with your energy, intuition and self love. Where to go from there? The next step is self mastery.

Yes, that sounds kind of heavy and like what the hell, but all I mean it now you can consciously take control of you and your life. You can deliberately create the do, be and have of your life.

I always say start with what you want to feel more of. Feelings are the energy signals we send out to the Universe to let it know what to send back to us. (Law of Attraction 101, like energies match up.)

This is why you hear so much about cultivating a mindset of appreciation/gratitude, creating happiness just for the sake of being happy, and finding your own true place of self love and joy.

When you make these the set points from which you live, you are more often sending out these high frequencies, where the Universe will send the matching frequencies back.

To quote Abraham Hicks “This is why the better it gets the better it gets. And the worse it gets, the worse it gets”.

So that’s the starting point. After that I find, for myself and many others, the tripping up point was knowing where to focus, trying to figure out what we actually want to have, be and do.

So, I like to work from the 6 sections of the Life Harmony Wheel (my take on a useful tool I learned from a life coach I had). In no certain order. Just use them as a jumping off point to ask yourself what you’d like to have more or less of in these areas.

  • Spiritual and Personal Development
  • Wealth and Finance
  • Health and Fitness
  • Career and Study
  • Family and Friends
  • Romance and Relationships

And then follow you intuition to take self love and soul inspired action towards the next best step for you to lead you in the direction of your desires.


Much love always,

Liza Jane Wolf


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