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Uncategorized May 31, 2018

WE have all heard the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And this is so true. We each have our own experience and our own ideas of what we see as beautiful.

I’d like to take that a step further. “Reality is in the eye of the perceiver.”

We are pure consciousness. No matter which way you dice it, we are. This means that our experience of everything is through the lens of our own personal consciousness. Our experience is ours and only ours. No one can ever walk in our shoes and we can’t walk in anyone else’s. Knowing this, really knowing it in your being, is so freeing.

Why? Because it allows us to let go of caring what other people think about us. And it allows us to stop judging what other people are doing. We get so wrapped up in what someone will say or think about what we do. Or we get defensive, using the old I don’t care what they think, they are ignorant anyways, so they don’t understand me. This falls into the judging them first before they judge me category.  When we really have integrated into our being that we are pure consciousness, pure Source energy, first and foremost, we release all that BS, and we start to live in true harmony with the flow of life.

All of us are desiring to live in the flow of  life. So many of us do it sporadically, we get a taste, fly high and then drop back down into “reality”. That drop down isn’t anything other than how you are choosing to see/experience reality. This is such an important part of going within to expand our awareness, our consciousness. This is the importance of understanding ourselves as energy and why as empaths, we still have access to this amazing language of energy.

I was teaching last night and everyone wanted to know their souls purpose. As usual, they aren’t overly thrilled when I let them know. Your soul’s purpose is to enjoy this amazing physical manifestation that you are. And to continue that ever expanding process of manifestation, because your soul is pure energy that is always evolving and expanding. Energy must always be moving. When you do so, you honor the divine Source energy that you come. They usually look at me like “What the heck?!”. Then I tell them, how they unfold this purpose is their journey through life. And it often looks like one small thing after another, with a few profound things sprinkled in.  After that I take them through a meditation that takes them out of their body, so they can experience it first hand. And when we are done, they get it. “Reality is in the eye of the perceiver.”  The only thing standing between them and living in that state of bliss, that Source connection, is them, where they are choosing to place their consciousness.

We are energy. Where we put our attention our energy flows. When we are focused on what others think about us, our energy goes there, creating a reality where others seem to be judging us a lot or thinking about out actions a lot. We create this when we have a false need for others to understand us. If we have a need for others to understand us, then we create that disconnect.  If we feel confident in who we are and release the need for others to understand us, we no longer come into contact with people who need to understand us. Conversely, if we are judging others actions, even in defense of ourselves, we are creating judgement within our own lives. If we deem people as ignorant, greedy, etc. (instead of just acknowledging that they are viewing things from a fear based illusion) then we are creating that experiences with people who bring that into our life. But if we are confident and know that we are on their journey and they are on theirs, and we can each do our own thing, then we do not create those experiences.

How do gain that confidence? By going within and cultivating that experience of our expanded consciousness. And perceiving the reality we want to live in. This is how we start to be in this world, but recognize that we are not of it.


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