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Intuition and Self LOVE

Hopefully you’ve been able to read my last two emails. If not, you can catch up on them here.

Once you’ve got your energy awareness to a good place, you start to feel alive again, you start to have more physical energy and you start to connect back to your emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

This creates space for you to be more aware and in tune with your intuition.

And once you feel connected to your intuition, you start making more choices from a place of self love.

So what does intuition and self love have to do with each other?

Well when you can truly tune into your intuition for yourself and let yourself be guided towards what is best for you, you start to connect back into that space of Source energy, which is pure LOVE. And as you allow yourself to be more in the frequency of LOVE you can’t help but start loving yourself and acting from that space.

Allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition literally propels you into a state of self love where you choose emotions, experiences and people that feel good. You trust that all those things you did out of obligation that left you feeling like shit are ok to say no to. And when you can’t say no, you can trust your intuition to guide to the best way to navigate and keep your energy intact and honor yourself (i.e., self love).

You literally start to change your frequency, which changes your experience and your life.

So how do you create this space for self love to grow and evolve.

You just show up every day and do the best you can to work with your energy, follow your intuition and do what feels satisfying and fulfilling to you.

The practice is simple but not always easy, because we have been trained and trained ourselves to always be giving what other people “need”. Leaving ourselves out of the equation.

You simply choose what’s best for you as often as you can, and little by little it will become easier. As you show up for yourself, the Universe will show up for you and it will get easier and easier.

Much love always,

Liza Jane Wolf

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