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If you are an empath it is your responsibility to commit to a spiritual practice

Uncategorized May 11, 2019

There are many reasons to commit to a spiritual practice, but for me there is only one that truly matters. We commit to a spiritual practice so that we can align ourselves with the vibration of pure love, Source energy, All That Is. When we do this, all the other reasons for a spiritual practice are naturally fulfilled.


Why is this the single most important reason for me, and why should it be the same for you?

Well, as an empath, I feel energy strongly and intensely. I know I am a multi dimensional being that sends and receives energy all the time. As a master of my energy, I understand the dynamics of energy and I understand that energy flows where attention goes. So I choose to have my attention go towards the highest vibration possible. When I am deeply connected to myself, my soul and Source, there is no room for my attention to be swept away by other vibrations.


As an empath, a powerful sender of energy, I take my responsibility very seriously. For all the energy I feel, I know I am sending out just as much if not more. So it is up to me to decide in each and every moment, am I going to be the dominant energy or not. You see, as the light of love in this world, when I am swept away in another persons crisis I am ineffective. I am not able to help them connect with the love in themselves and the love of Source. But when I hold my space of total and pure love, and do not allow myself to get swept away, I am the pillar for that person that I fully intended to be when I came to earth.


It is from antiquated thinking that we often base our current understandings of ourselves as energetic beings and as empaths. The old ideas are based from an energy of disconnection and fear. Our world has moved into a new era, where we are accessing the highest levels of love on massive levels. Our understanding of who we are is shifting. And with that shift we are being called to let go of old ideas that no longer serve us and frankly keep us disempowered, ineffective and unable to fulfill our souls purpose.


Do you want to help the underdog? Do you want to be a voice for those who are suffering? Do want to bring more love into the world and heal it? Then you are being asked to step out of the idea of an empath that leaves you struggling to maintain your own space and to step into the power of love that calls you to stand strong in your emotional energy.


Love is powerful! It does not collapse at the experience of another's pain. It does not get lost in another's suffering. It does not forget itself and become something else. LOVE is the power that fuels you and your experience here on earth. LOVE is the super power of your empathy. Are you ready to step into it?

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