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I AM different

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2019

It might be funny for people who know me to hear me say this, but I've finally accepted I'm different. 

I've always known I was different, I've always stood out from a crowd (and those that I'm closest to). And even though I'd recognize that I was different, there was still a part of me that wanted to be like every one else in a way. Not that I wanted to fit in, but that I didn't want to stand out. 

So I'd play down my gifts, I'd play down the things that made me special and made me stand out. Not realizing that I was robbing myself and those around me of the benefit of my being different. 

You see I'm not surrounded by spiritually minded people, who all want to get together and meditate or talk about channeling the Divine. On the contrary, about 80% of the people in my life (who I love dearly) have no idea what I do. But they support me none the less, and ya gotta love that. I know I do. 

And it made me think. The people who really love me, support me with unwavering faith, even though they aren't quite sure what I'm doing. And even more so, they trust me 100% to guide them when they really need it (i.e. they've asked for my help). Essentially they trust me without a doubt to be myself totally, 100% with no apologies. But I didn't trust them to actually do what they were already doing, so I couldn't see that they were.

I realized that what makes me different isn't that I'm totally tapped into Source, that I'm super psychic, I work with unseen energy and I channel the Divine. It's that I rarely play it safe, I refuse to stay in my comfort zone (too long) and I think about the world in a totally different way. Yes, this makes some of the people who love me totally uncomfortable and worried for me, because they wouldn't do it. And they offer their concerns with love. But always in the end, they are inspired by my interaction with life. And because of this, they take their own chances out of their comfort zones. And this is what I'm here to do, inspire others into the action of living their life from their own Soul Inspired Guidance.

I will always fit in. I love being a human being and all that means (running, going to dinner with friends, watching movies, etc.) as much as I love being a spiritual energy being and all that means (aware of myself as non-physical and my capacity to create from pure energy). I got fitting in covered. 

What I struggled with was standing out. But I realized recently. Standing out is who I am. As a spiritual leader (whether it's in my own personal life or in front of thousands of people) I must stand out, so that those who need my guidance know where to find me. I am different. And it's my acceptance and embracing of how I truly different I am that allows me to leave behind the need for people to "get me" and allows me to just let those people love me. 

The same is true for you. If you asked to be different when you came in to this world, if you asked to shine your light so others may find theirs, if you asked to lead the way and be the love you wish to see in the world, then you owe it to yourself and everyone else to stand out in only the way you can. 

When you can accept you are different, not because of how you connect to Source but by how you choose to show up in this world, you can truly release they need for others to "get you" and finally allow the support of others who just want to love you. 

You see we have to fully accept ourselves before any one else can. People reflect back to us our own energy, be it something we are lacking, have too much of or are just totally unaware of. This is why we must be who we want to be internally before we can attract it into our lives externally, but that's another blog. 

Love yourself for how you stand out among a crowd (big or small) and you will be amazed at how many other people feel comfortable to finally love you for the same thing. 

From my soul to yours, 



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