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How to Live a Guilt Free Life in One Easy Step

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

Living a guilt free life.

I know you are probably thinking, is that even possible? I can't even imagine that that's possible.

I used to think the same thing. So many of us were raised on guilt that we automatically run guilt as our default energy pattern. And most of the time, we don't even realize that we are doing it. 

When we're living from a place of guilt, either over something we've done to ourselves or something, we feel we've done to somebody else, we're really limiting ourselves from living up to our fullest potential and from living our most soul inspired life. We're really limiting ourselves from loving ourselves to the fullest. And as you know, I truly believe that our own self love is the key to unlocking our own internal wisdom. It's the key to working with our intuition. Our intuition, our own divine wisdom is a natural byproduct of whole and total self love. Guilt blocks us from living in that place of total self love. Guilt requires us to judge ourselves, question ourselves and live in a constant state of remorse. 

For me, guilt really means the fear of the absence of joy. And that might sound a little strange at first. But if you really think about that, when you feel guilty about something and let's just say guilty about another person. Let’s use the example, you said no to somebody, you didn't give them your time. You didn't give them your energy. And you knew it was in your best interest, but you still feel badly. Why do you feel bad? Why do you feel guilty? Because you feel that you've taken something away from them. You feel responsible for their outcome and you feel like they're not going to be able to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve because you withheld something from them. I mean, that really is the breakdown of guilt, right? Guilt is the fear of the absence of joy. And when we take ownership, when we take responsibility for other people's outcomes, for other people's happiness, we are really then taking on the idea that we're solely responsible for their joy. We have taken on the responsibility of their joy and we are afraid that our choices are inhibiting their ability to experience joy. That is guilt.

And this is stuff that we don't even think about on the surface. This is the logical breakdown our minds never let us consider. We don’t have time, we are too consumed with guilt. We can run that guilt, energy, those guilt thoughts through our system, again and again, but we never stop to think what is it that we're really feeling guilty about? When we decide, when we take ownership of other people's joy, when we take ownership of other people's outcomes, when we take ownership of other people's ability to create for themselves, we are setting ourselves up for failure because we cannot control what anybody else does. Guilt is really an out of control feeling because we have given ourselves the illusion that we can control somebody else's outcome, that we have the power over their outcome. Just like for us, our emotions and our joy and our self love is our own responsibility. Just like for us, our own thoughts, our own beliefs, our own energy is our own responsibility. That's true for other people. 

So how do you go about living a guilt-free life? You don't just say “F” everybody and I don't care about them, right? Of course not, we have huge hearts and we love people. We love humanity, and we want to show up and give the best and be the best and bring out the best in people. You start living a guilt-free life, by changing the script, rewriting the energy pattern you are running. 

I want you to try this script flip. Next time you catch yourself feeling guilty, which is usually the minute that you have said no to somebody. The minute we say no, we automatically call up that guilt energy, and we often start to feel bad, right away. Or you can think of one of those moments right now and try the script flip. And if you can't think of a moment when you were feeling guilty, just wait for the next time you say no to somebody, it will pop right up.

As soon as you start to feel like, Oh my gosh, I just took something away from that person. Oh my gosh, I just disempowered that person. Oh my gosh, they're not going to be able to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve and fill in all of the blanks. 

  • I want you to stop and take a deep breath, focus on your heart center.
  • Place your hand on your heart center if you want to. Even in the middle of the conversation, nobody's going to think anything of it. Especially if you're a hand talker like me. 
  • And I just want you to extend the energy of your heart out to that person. And I want you to visualize that person achieving the outcome that they want to achieve. You can do this by visualizing your breath going out, if that helps. 

And now you just held space for them, knowing without a doubt that the same Source energy that empowered you empowers them and you aren't in control of their outcome. And you don't have to take ownership of their outcome. And the less you're worrying about how they're going to get their thing done, the more you have the opportunity to build your solid foundation of faith and trust and love in yourself. 

So try that script flip and let me know how it goes!

This script flip is really how you move into living a guilt free life. Letting go of guilt is not an overnight process. Most of us have been running guilt for our entire lives. Most of us were raised with guilt. It’s seriously like a comfort food. So it's going to take some undoing, and like most things it happens in baby steps. Our changes, our shifts are all baby steps. When we let go of guilt, we are really able to do all of those things that we're striving for. When we let go of guilt, we show up as the fullest expression of love that we can. When we let go of guilt, we hold space for people to take ownership of their own experience. We hold space for people to be powerful creators and learn to love themselves. Because we all know love is an inside job. Happiness is an inside job. Joy is an inside job. And the more we role model that behavior for other people, the more they're going to call that forth within themselves.

I'm sure all of us are going to have many opportunities throughout the day to say no to people. And I'm not saying, just go up there and Willy nilly say no, just to test this out. But there's those times when, you know it's not in your best interest to say yes and so many other times when we absolutely have to say no for the best interest of all. We all have lots of opportunities everyday to rewrite the energy patterns of guilt. If you really are about empowering people and uplifting people, so often it's really not to their benefit for us to say, yes. For so many reasons, mainly because sometimes people just need to have their own experience. Let’s start living the guilt free life, by giving people back the power of their experience and letting go of ownership and truly seeing people achieving the goal that they've set out for themselves or achieving the experience that they're asking for. Let's empower people to feel fulfilled in their own energy and their own love. 

Let’s be the love we wish to see in the world. 

From soul to yours, 

Liza Jane Wolf

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