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Uncategorized Oct 13, 2018

I remember as a child, I knew way more than I should. People thought I was just a quiet child, but I had learned early on, from the energetic reactions of adults, that I shouldn’t share what I knew. I literally stood behind my mother, using her as a physical shield between me and their energy. This was one of the few ways I knew how to stop receiving what they were sending out, the other big one I used was to leave my body.

As I got older, the information only got more intense, as I now was able to intellectually analyze it and my role in this whole exchange, I started to question the validity of what I was receiving or why I should or would know that. I also still didn’t have any tools, and I couldn’t stand behind my mom anymore. I started experiencing headaches. And although I rarely experienced a cold or was sick, I did have the beginnings of an autoimmune issue.


At the time, I was in my early 20’s trying to get situated in life, trying to pretend like I was not innately connected to everything,ignoring and invalidating what I would receive. I would just powerhouse through anything that was uncomfortable in my body: headaches, digestive issues, joint pain, laryngitis, ear aches, until I would finally get knocked down with chronic fatigue, forced to stop and rest. Then I would feel better and start the cycle all over again. Unbeknownst to me, I would leave my body as much as possible, and then when I had to be in it, all the energy that had accrued while I was gone, literally blew out my body. Like I said, at the time I had no idea. I went to several doctors and none of them could give me an accurate diagnosis. Autoimmune issues hadn’t really come on the scene yet, so they didn’t have a name to call all my symptoms.

Fast forward to my 30’s. By this time I had been struggling with accepting my spiritual connection and why and how I knew what I did. It was so strong but I had no idea how to work with it. I was afraid to share what I knew with anyone, in case they asked me how I knew it. I had a severe gluten intolerance, constant migraines, other food allergies, pain, toxicity and even an issue with my heart I wasn’t aware of yet. I went again to several doctors, no one could help. They could offer meds, but no diagnosis and no idea of how to get better. It was a hair client that clued me into the gluten issue and another that led me to my spiritually connected doctor that diagnosed, treated and helped me heal my heart and other issues. (Source is always guiding us, in every moment, in every way! No matter how many times we disregard it.)

By now I knew I needed to get my psychic abilities (as I called them at the time) under control. I needed to understand how to work with them or check myself into a psyche ward. I opted for the first choice. I went back to my yoga and meditation routine, that I had abandoned when I felt too sick to practice or concentrate. I started reading books and taking local classes on psychic ability. Everything I took in had value, and I started to feel better as well. But something was missing. I had been studying energy and had a strong feeling what I was missing could be found there. At the same time I had a great meditation practice and was often receiving audible guidance there. I knew it was time to move beyond my teachers and explore a new understanding of things that only Source could reveal to me. It turned out, what I had been learning, didn’t necessarily apply anymore, to those of us who were choosing to ascend beyond where our teachers had.

I went within and received a broad understanding of myself as a spiritual and energetic being. As this was being downloaded to me, I met up with my doctor who helped me heal the physical issues that had exploded in my body. And in my process of healing I came to realize, I was terrified, as an adult, to receive information from Source, even though it was pouring through me. And I was even more terrified to share it with anyone. After all those years of subduing my connection, I had learned to doubt what I was getting. Every time I suppressed the energy of Source flowing into me, it would manifest as a physical issue. Until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. It was a literal life or death situation. Once I learned this I was able to heal myself. With my new confidence in my connection, I eagerly shared with some of my family members, but they were not open. And unfortunately, many people I love have passed. This is why it is so close to my heart to help others gain the confidence and trust in themselves and their connection to Source, so others don’t have to suffer the physical repercussions of spiritual disconnection.

If you are connecting the dots between your spiritual and physical experiences and are ready to make a change, check out my free e-guide, Connecting to Your Higher Guidance And when you are ready to go beyond that, send me an email at [email protected], and we can talk about how I can help you, the same why I helped myself and hundreds of clients.


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