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Do you avoid your spiritual practice because you are afraid you aren't really connecting?

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020

What's your favorite practice to connect with your spiritual self? Is it meditation, journaling, cards or crystals? 

No matter what it is, it's important that you show up for it and stick it out even when you don't think you are connecting or receiving information. 

The biggest challenge I hear from intuitive women is they don't have time to practice and when they do, they don't feel like they are connecting. 

The biggest myth I hear from intuitive women is that their intuition is natural and so it should just naturally come to them. 

When I dig deeper into the not having time challenge, what I find out is that most women aren't making the time:

  • because they are afraid they aren't connecting.
  • and becasue they don't feel like they are connecting, they are afraid to sit for practice because they don't want to be disappointed again. 

This is all a byproduct of this myth of intuition being natural so we don't really need to practice it. And this myth creates ugly comparision energy that feeds the myth. So often I talk to women who think they aren't connecting or receiving, because they don't see hear or know what another women does. Yes we are born with intution, but just like any other skill (walking, talking, etc.) we must hone it and learn to work with it. 

The myth is often fed by:

  • the idea that we are born this and didn't put any effort into honing are intuitive skills
  • the idea that your connecting and receiving is always loud and clear, I call this the skies parting effect. 

I'll admit, all too often spiritual leaders rave about how they were born with psychic vision, a knowing or the ability to hear. But what they so often leave out is that they struggled with it until they learned to work with it through practicing an effective system. I myself was guilty of this, until I realized the disservice I was doing by feeding the illusion that it all came so naturally. 

For years I'd struggle with my practice, with being consistent, with showing up for myself. Because I'd sit for week, thinking I wasn't getting anything. And I'd get so angry at myself and dissapointed in myself, because I knew there was something there and I felt like I was the only person who wasn't getting it. I didn't understand why I could receive information about the person next me when I didn't ask and then seemingly get nothing when I sat with intention. 

I know now this happened because I was putting so much pressure on my practice to yeild a result, instead of being present in the moment. When I was out minding my own business being present in my moment, I was in the perfect place to receive. 

My top tips if you are struggling with showing up for your practice:

  • Connecting and receiving are two differnt modes. You can't do both at the same time. Connecting is your time to relax into the energy of Source. Receiving is your time to actively communicate (this means you have to know your own language with Source to understand and discern the communitcation. Make time for both.
  • Have self compassion. This means be patient with yourself. Know that there will be amazing days and days when nothing happens. When you hit your stride and get in the flow, most days will be gentle, easy guidance about how to live your every day life.
  • Invest in a mentor. If you know you struggle with the process on your own, invest in a mentor to coach you through it. There is no substitute for guidance and accountability you receive from a mentor. Why do you think gurus are so popular.
  • Be patient. This is the most imprtant thing you can do. Learning to work with your intuition is like learning a new language. The longer you haven't been working with it, the harder it will be. But you will get there. 

These are a few tips to get you started. For more information and a system you can start using today, download my FREE e-book: Connect to Your Soul Inspired Guidance. For a simple and easy plan to start living your Soul Inspired Life just click here: .


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