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Defining Success in Your Own Words

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

What does success mean to you? 

In your own words, how do you define success? 

Each of us have a level of success that we may want to achieve in different areas of our life. And as individuals, success can be one thing to one person and another thing to another person. What I found in my own personal evolution, is that I am on my own journey of personal transformation. And that's really what all of us are doing as we're learning to tap into our soul inspired guidance to live from our own internal wisdom. As we're learning to trust ourselves and our intuition, we're transforming ourselves personally from the inside out.

And so, success for you in your spiritual journey might mean being able to do the five every day consecutively for a week. That might be one person's idea of success.

Success for another person, in their personal spiritual journey might be taking a trek to India and studying with a guru.

We can think of what level of success we wish to achieve in our work lives or in in our personal lives. In The Energy of Love, (our monthly membership community), we actually use a life balance worksheet to assess different areas of our lives each month. We can go in and we can say, where am I at in my personal life? where am I at in my spiritual? where am I at in my health? Where am I at in my financial life? This allows us to take control of how our success and health and abundance happens in every area of our life. Because every year of our life affects the other area, right?

So some of us may have been striving for a really long time for success in our own personal life with our relationships. Some of us may have been working on our personal relationships, trying to achieve a happy, healthy marriage or a really good friendship, or maybe a solid relationship with a sibling. And then others of us may have been spending a lot of time striving for success in our business life and our professional life. So there's all these different areas that we can work for success.

And so today I want to challenge you to really go within and ask yourself, what does success truly mean to me?

Because success in area is a very personal thing and there are so many different variables that go into feeling like you are successful, feeling like you've reached success.

Here's a really simple, small example. When I wanted to start drinking more water, I started with drinking eight ounces of water every morning when I woke up. For me, success was remembering to drink eight ounces of water every morning. Now I drink about a gallon of water every day. So success for me with that now, means drinking half of that water before 10:00 AM. It used to be noon. I baby stepped my way into success bit by bit. And you can too!

I want to challenge you today to:

  • go inside and think about what does success mean for you across the board in your life as a whole.
  • ask yourself what is the big thing that you want to be working for? What's the dream that you want to have? Is it having a more harmonious home life? Is it reading? Maybe reading so many of a certain kind of book. Is it taking that painting class that you've wanted to take? Is it becoming the CEO of your own company? Is it starting your own business? So where is somewhere that you really want to achieve more success in your life? 

And, and so I'd love to challenge you to one, define what success means for you and to really be courageous enough to say to yourself, this is the area where I really love to see more success based on my own personal definition for me. Because so many of moving along our spiritual path, moving along our own personal transformation, and we are unlearning everything else that everyone wanted for us. We thought we should be this way because our mother wanted it. We thought we should be this way because our husband wanted it. We thought we should be this way because society said so. We are unlearning the rules and labels and expectations that everyone else has put on us, that we've taken on for ourselves. And in unlearning that we are allowing ourselves to open up and start to hear, feel, know and trust our intuition. 

So again, I can't say it enough, I want to challenge you to really go within yourself and ask you what does success mean for me and where is the area that maybe I've been a little too afraid to go for that next level of success, that next level of fulfillment, that next level of full abundance and love in my life. And the more that we can shed, let go of, relieve ourselves of, whatever word you want to use, those expectations that we've taken on from other people, the more that we can start to hear and become attuned to our own personal wisdom, our own personal knowing, our own personal guidance. And so defining what success means for you and then just allowing yourself to start to think about what's that next thing that you really want to find success in, are two really great ways to start to be able to use an access to your own guidance.

If you don't really have a practice or you're not sure where to start or you're just looking for a couple other tips on how to access your own internal wisdom, there's a lot of great stuff in my free e-book, Connect to Your Soul Inspired Guidance.  I wrote this book, because that is the process I used and I still use to access my own internal wisdom. So I find asking myself a question, opens the space and allows for the universe, for source, for my own higher self, for my own internal wisdom to start flowing through me. But we gotta ask the questions. We have to acknowledge a dream we have or open up to an inspiration or an idea of something we want to achieve.

We have to have a goal, so we know where we are headed. The word goal kind of makes people a little crazy sometimes, right? We don't like the idea of it, it stresses us out sometimes, so use whatever word you want to use. Simply, we have to have a point that we're working towards. We have to have a barometer and setting a goal doesn't always mean that you absolutely have to achieve that goal. We set a goal or we have a dream and we're afraid to move towards it because we think it has to end up like that. But just setting the goal, gets you moving in the right direction.

If I want to drive from st Pete to Orlando, which is like two hours away, I have to set the goal to get to Orlando. All kinds of amazing stuff is going to happen on the way, but I just have to set the goal, right? Also giving ourselves permission to not have to have the goal achieved in the exact way or time we originally stated. And knowing that the idea of what we want to achieve is just the inspiration that gets us started. Are two great ways to ease yourself into it.

I would love for you to share your definition of what success means for you in the comments below. 

From my soul to yours, 

Liza Jane Wolf


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