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Are you using your intelligence to hide your intuition from other people?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

Do you ever feel like you can't get out of your head long enough to really access your intuition?

Do you find yourself rationalizing away your intuitive experiences?

This is common in our world, to minimize our subjective, non-physical experiences. But there is another twist to this whole intellect-intuition connection. And it’s not just the difficulty most people find in travelling the road from their head to their heart.

Are you one of the many sensitive people in this world who is using your intuition to keep people from knowing the real you? From knowing how connected and intuitive you are? Are you using your intellect and intuition to outsmart everyone and keep them at bay?

If that’s not you, then you are probably shocked at the idea. But if it is you, you realize you’ve been hiding your biggest gift and Source of inspiration in this world. 

Not sure? Here are a few ways to tell:

  • You are always one step ahead of people, knowing exactly what they need and making it about them.
  • You know when to leave a conversation, party, etc. before the attention is on you.
  • You know what people are interested in, so you are always talking about what they like, never what you like.

If you are like I was, I had tricked myself into thinking this is what an intuitive person does. It's all about serving others right? But that wasn't my intention, I was using my intuition to block people at every turn. People thought they knew me, but I was just telling them what they liked to hear, thinking that’s what my intuition was for. To meet their needs, make them feel good. 

I had painted myself into a very lonely life. Surrounded by people who didn't know me, because I wouldn't let them. Childhood experiences had made me gun shy about sharing my gifts with people. But I had gone about it all the wrong way. I was smart, successful and I felt a deep chasm of despair in my life. Worst of all, I felt like a liar and I hated liars.

I was terrified of being discovered. Even though it was my intuitive connection that had allowed me to be and achieve everything I had. I was only as smart as I was, because I worked with and followed my intuition. 

You don't have to tell the world all your secrets, but you also don't have to deflect people's attention from you. When you are living in harmony with your intuition instead of using it as a defense tool, you can start to relax and enjoy life, heck maybe even let a few people in on your special gifts.

When you stop hiding from people, you can start living from your most authentic, soul inspired self. And all of those big dreams, visions and goals you’ve had for yourself can be realized. They can happen, from a place of trust in yourself and your intuition. And let’s be honest, when you achieve a goal, dream or vision that leaves you feeling fulfilled, you know that you have had a positive impact on other people's lives as well. 

These are the three quickest ways to reconnect to your intuition in any moment: 

  1. Stop and take 5 slow, deep breaths.
  2. Focus on your heart center and recall an experience of love, joy or happiness.
  3. Laugh. Laugh your butt off. That pure joy connects you right back to the space of your intuition. 

Our intuition is how we connect with our soul, our intellect is how we can often express that connection. You can start living from a balanced place where both serve a purpose. 

You can stop using your gifts to hide yourself from the world and start using them to shine in a world that needs your light. 

 Stop hiding and start living your Soul Inspired life.

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