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Uncategorized Apr 18, 2018

Whether you are an empath, a highly sensitive person or a just a little sensitive, you are connecting to others through your empathy.
This means that you very easily understand, know and experience what others understand, know and experience. This can be beautiful and overwhelming. And most likely you have never been taught how to manage what you are receiving as you connect with your empathy. Because of this you may have even tried to turn off your empathy at times, only to realize that is even worse. Connecting with your emotions is paramount to your survival. Empathy is not a choice, it is part of your make up and an amazing part at that. It is true that we can be over stimulated and react at a much stronger level than others, but this is only the case when we are unaware of our empathy as the gift it is.


You see, our empathy is our innate connection to everything. And we have been trained out of seeing it as the gift it is. Empathic or not, our society has veered towards focusing on the negative and what is wrong. And this path has only gotten us more of the same. Most empaths, following that lead, have been swept away in the pain and suffering of others, only to be frozen, unable to act. Unable to help themselves, let alone others, as they desire. We feel guilt and shame for other peoples behavior and unsure of how to be the love centered person we are. Contrary to popular belief, this world is amazing and beautiful and so are the people in it. And when we focus on that connection, it can take us places we never imagined.

As I said, our empathy is our innate connection to everything and that is a gift. We connect, whether we try to or not, so let’s connect deliberately. When we take time to consciously cultivate our inner world, it allows us to connect more deliberately in our outer world. When we create a quiet refuge within, when we give ourselves the nurturing we need, we start to create that space of love inside that will flow out of us and into the world. See, we emit just as much as we take in. As empaths, our inner world is amazing and it nourishes us. For it is here that we connect purely with Source, All That Is. This connection then helps direct our connections in our outer world. Instead of getting caught up in the despair and pain, which usually limits our ability to act, we can connect with the potential of everyone we come across. We can connect with the beauty within everyone, for as empaths, we can see that first. And when we connect with the beauty and potential of a person or experience, not only do we lift them up energetically with our emotions, but we can see the possibilities, we can act on that. WE can start to make the difference we have been longing to. This can happen in your personal relationships, your work relationships (co-workers, bosses, clients, etc.) or any experience. This is the difference between acting from your empathy or reacting because of your empathy.

For too long empaths have been told they are too sensitive, they are victims of other people’s emotions, that we don’t hold the power. The truth is we hold all the power, we have just shrunk back and hid our gift from the world. Emotions power everything! Everything is energy. Emotions are energy in motion. Are you ready to stand up, use your powerful emotions and share your gifts with the world? When you have cultivated the internal space, the external space reflects that. You can hold your head high as an empath and laugh or cry with totally disregard of anyone’s judgement of you.

Welcome to your gift of empathy, now let it shine as bright as you want to!


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