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Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

I work with empaths. And I am fervently working to shift the energy behind this word, this label. By doing so I am shifting the understanding of what this word/label means to people. I am working to create an energy and understanding of expansion and limitless when it comes to knowing what an empath is.

This is one of many labels that I have worn in my life. Psychic, medium, blonde girl, smart, aggressive, kind, intuitive, strange, the list goes on. I’m sure the labels you have aligned with are rolling through your head right now. Are labels end up being closely tied to our beliefs about ourselves. And vice versa. Like everything, it served a purpose at a time. For most of us the labels we use in reference to our energy and intuition, allow us to feel comfortable in our skin, they allow us to find people having a similar experience. This is wonderful, because only from this point can we start to gain confidence, so that we can raise our consciousness and step into the fullness of who we are as a Source connected being.


Yes, you are a Source connected being. This is the ultimate truth and the only “label” you ever need to reside in. Our process is one of evolving into spiritual maturity. Discovering ourselves through different labels is a part of that. They allow us to discover a part of ourselves and expand upon it, moving from one energetic “step” to the next, constantly evolving back into the fullness of ourselves. This is when we go from being an empath to a soul connected empath to a Source connected empath. For many of us we get stuck in this process, limiting ourselves through the labels that once provided us freedom, expansion. We say things like “Oh I’m different, people call me a witch” or “I’m naturally gifted, I know things others don’t. I’m psychic” or my favorite “I’m so connected, I just can’t help it,  the energy just flows right through me, I have no control, I’m an empath.”

Expressing you have no control or you are just naturally gifted where others are not, is a sign that you have allowed your labels to limit you. You are stuck in the teenager phase of spiritual evolution. And for many they are fine with this, because honestly it’s better than where they came from. They have more control and more understanding and now they have a reason, an explanation for what’s going on. But they are limiting themselves. They are using their labels as an excuse to not step more fully into their energy, to not take responsibility. “I can’t help it, I just get the information, I’m psychic” or “I can’t help it, I just naturally gravitate towards the energy because I’m so connected.”  I call it the teenager phase because they have no responsibility and there is an excuse for what is happening. Moving into the next phase of spiritual maturity requires you take responsibility for what is happening. You move from being the victim of your empathy to being the master of your energy.

Spiritual maturity requires you to understand your labels as tools, not the end result. The cow gives us milk for the ice cream, it isn’t the ice cream. It also requires you to take on some new labels and release some old ones. Like taking on the true understanding of oneness and labels that are inclusive of your connection to others and releasing the ones that create a separation and a sense of being different. A new label that is inclusive would be someone who is Source connected, we all are, or is living the Christ consciousness, recognizing that every moment is profound, whether it’s small talk at the check out line or a life changing experience. I got stuck in the check out line the other day and had a conversation with an older gentleman about Brad and Jennifer getting back together. He expressed how it showed all things are possible and how that gave him hope for the day. We had such a beautiful exchange that enlivened both of our days. All over a tabloid cover.  Neither of us take any moment for granted, so we were able to enjoy that small moment that seemed mundane. This happens to me all the time in the store checkout. I actually get excited now when they need a price check and I get held up.

So I ask you, how are you using your labels to take you to the next level of expansion? When you limit yourself to just being an empath or a psychic or a witch, you don’t allow yourself to fully enjoy being human and all it has to offer, the reason you came here. The truth is, I still identify with my labels so I can utilize them and connect to others, but when I released the belief that these labels made me different from others and integrated the knowing that are actually what connects me to the oneness of all, my whole world opened up. If we really look, we see Source connected people living “regular” life all the time. Soccer moms who do it all, CEO’s who love their job, employees and company, the janitor who is always smiling. It is our Source connection that allows us to live the best, most fulfilled and expansive lives as humans. Anything less is a limitation you have put on yourself, most likely through a label or a belief. And only you can change that.


Liza Jane Wolf

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