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Uncategorized Jul 18, 2018

I know what you are thinking. That doesn’t sound like a very spiritual topic. But it is. How so? Well, to me spirituality means being happy and at peace with yourself, consciously connecting with Source and allowing conscious spiritual growth. It means flowing with life, love and joy.

For so many of us on our spiritual path consciously or not, when we are unhappy in our bodies, that impedes our ability to be happy all around. And it is really the joy of  life that is the most spiritual thing we can achieve. That harmony with Source and self while incarnating in these physical bodies.


So many empaths and HSP’s eat their feelings and everyone else’s. So many of us have continued to gain weight as we’ve gotten older, without explanation. Sure we aren’t as active and ya we are getting older, but it’s more than that. And despite dieting, exercising, etc. we can’t seem to lose weight, or even stop gaining. If you are like me, I was a runner and I did yoga, I ate a ton of veggies, but I will admit, there were times I stuffed my face and I didn’t even remember. Or I’d treat myself to some french fries or ice cream. And it wasn’t a treat, because I wasn’t enJOYing it. There was no JOY. I was using it to be in my body and numb all the emotions I had picked up from people. And once I had blocked those emotions and my own, I was using food to fill the void. Yes the void. That void none of the people I loved so dearly could fill, none of them. The huge void I could not identify.

I did identify one thing. Something was seriously wrong. No matter what I did I kept gaining weight, and I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t comfortable. I was actually starting to get scared. I had high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic. I had given up exercise and my stamina was down. I was ashamed for my boyfriend to see me naked, even though he never said a word. And I was disgusted with him, for loving me when I was so disgusting. So I pushed him away, wouldn’t let him in. (Thank Source he stuck around.) And as I filled my void with food, the weight I gained filled the space in my head, with negative self talk. I said the most hateful things to myself and with each bash session, I started to feel worse, so I ate more. I was on a hamster wheel, going nowhere and not losing any weight. The worst part was, I spent so much time being the best spiritual person I could and trying to convince myself I was happy with my weight, my life, myself. But I was terrified.

See if I had been happy, my weight wouldn’t matter. It doesn’t now. And a side effect of that, is I’m losing weight and enjoying food. I am so much more comfortable in my body and my self esteem is back tenfold.

How did that happen? I filled the void, but this time with the only thing that could fill. I stepped into the power of my empathy, my emotions, and recognized it as my connection to Source, not people. Now I live everyday Source connected. I know I am never alone and everything is possible. I no longer put the impossible burden on others to validate, complete me or make me feel whole. I get all I need from Source and because of that I have more than I can ever give away in this lifetime. It feels so good.

This understanding of my empathy as my Source connection not my people connection has changed my life forever. I am now honored to show people the way for themselves! Damn it feels good to be a Source Connected Empath!

I love holding space for others and using my amazing connection to Source, to show them the way to their own connection. Are you ready to work with me and become your own connection to Source, Infinite Intelligence, who you really are? Send me an email. I’d love to see if we are an energetic fit. [email protected]


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