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Uncategorized Jan 25, 2018

There are more and more energy shifts happening. They are coming more frequently and more intensely. As a response to this topic coming up , in the form of people having physical and emotional reactions and not understanding, Source has given me this.

As we start to raise our frequency and align with a higher vibration we start to connect with the non-physical more and that is when we start to have our multi-senses open up. This is what we refer to as our “gifts”. They are not gifts, they are who we are. We all have second sight, second hearing and more evolved senses of feeling. We just all have it turned to different levels. We do not use the term gifts because this is who you are, it is your true nature to be able to tap into all that is, because you are all that is.


When we start to open to our multi-senses, and align with a higher vibration it can create a feeling of uneasiness and fear in us. As we do not recognize what is happening and we do not have a point of reference. This is totally normal and natural. Feel free to experience and release all the emotions you are having. A physical release of emotions is a clearing out of space. Releasing the emotions will help ease the physical symptoms you are having.

We may also feel uncomfortable in our human bodies as they are changing and shifting to correspond with our new lighter spiritually aligned sense of self. Yes, our bodies are reconstructing themselves. Bit by bit. Shift by shift. This is why drinking lots of water is important, it helps aid the transition. Also eat foods that you feel aligned with, not what you think you should eat because someone else said so. You know what your body needs to assist it. Listen to your inner self. Listen to yourself.

What we consider our gifts is really just our awareness opening up. It is really us becoming aware of the nature of reality and how it is shifting right in front of our eyes. As we evolve, we leave behind old versions of reality and step into new ones. We step into new, upgraded, higher vibrating versions of ourselves. This has always been true. But it is on a grander scale now.

Once you become aware it is hard to become unaware. Honor your new vantage point. Honor you alignment back into yourself. Release your judgement of yourself, others and your perceived judgement of others onto you.

Take time to rest, release emotions and what no longer serves you. And hydrate! Water helps ease the transition. And enjoy your new state of being. For with it comes clarity and abundance.


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