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Why I don't talk about being empathic.

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2022

The current idea of being empathic has a lot of baggage attached to it. And is the reason I stopped even using the word. 


When I was first spiritually awakening, a.k.a. trying to figure my shit out, the concept of being empathic was one of the first things that really resonated with me. I finally had an idea of why I was always being thrown around in the emotional storm of others. Taking on their anger, depression, fear and sometimes their joy, bliss and peace. 


As I dove head first into learning more about this, as I often do, super excited to unlock all that this new information holds for me, I was so eager to marry this understanding of my emotional capacity with my deep knowing that I was LOVE here to express LOVE. 


As I came more into my own spiritual self awareness and eventually created my business teaching and coaching others, I weaved in my understanding of what it meant to be an empath and very openly talked about being an empath. 


But in the years that followed, I felt like it was an uphill battle to help empaths break free of the victim side of the empath spectrum and embrace their own ability to tune into whatever frequency they choose to, i.e. the liberated side of being an empath. 


I will never forget a period where numerous times I was accused of not being an empath because I wasn’t drowning in other peoples low vibe emotions. That was like an arrow to my heart. What was clear evidence of my conscious and consistent efforts to tune into the liberated and Source connected side of my empathy,was being seen as no feeling at all on my part. I felt like my soul was crushed and my work was meaningless. (Dramatic yes, but seriously where I was, cue dark night of the soul, lol.)  Because I had made it my own personal mission to shift the understanding of empaths. All I wanted was to empower those who had the most direct line to Source to see how limitless and expansive their gift was. 


I do believe that was the beginning of, what seemed like, the end. I slowly started to pull back. Unsure of what my direction was, feeling torn, confused and sick to my stomach all at once. How could something that started with such a strong, loving intention go so sideways. I didn’t realize it, but at the time I just didn’t have the capacity to see beyond my already big picture. And I was also unaware of some aspects of myself that were playing a role. The main one being, I was still riding the martyr vibe of feeling like it was my job to fix everyone. I could see a better way. But instead of focusing on those who were open to my message, because they didn’t need my help (lol), I was getting down in the trenches trying to bring those along who couldn’t see the “light”. I was in essence doing exactly what I was guiding others not to do. 


As I’ve learned, that is part of spiritual evolution. When I was unconsciously evolving, life seemed to be throwing curveballs at me left and right. Now that I (most of the time) am consciously curating my spiritual evolution, the curveballs quickly burst open as messengers of new information, new insights, new levels of understanding. 


So where am I with the word empath you ask? I’ve only recently started to even allow myself to think about using this word again. Because I know I tuned into the baggage attached to it and that was the frequency I had access to. Over the last few months, of my intentionally speaking about the Source connected frequency, I see others doing the same. Both ends of the spectrum were always available to me, but I only had access to one as long as that’s where my attention was. 


As long as I made it my mission to help those stuck in the frequency of victimhood that’s all I had access to. When I took my own advice and made a subtle but huge shift and focused on the other end of the spectrum, voila! like magic, I felt more comfortable in what I was talking about and more evidence was showing up to support that and show me I wasn’t alone. 


So, if you are wondering, this is my take on empaths in a nutshell. 


Feeling is our connection to Source. Empaths, through their innate ability to feel deeply, have a direct line to Source. But… because they have been conditioned by humans around them and the mass consciousness, they focus their attention on the humans around them and not the Source energy they are meant to be channel for. 


Remember in the beginning of this article when I said, “Taking on their anger, depression, fear and sometimes their joy, bliss and peace.” Something inside of me from a very young age knew that I was here to tune into the joy, bliss and peace of other people. Often when they couldn't do it themselves. One of my biggest gifts as an empathic human being is to be able to seek out the smallest seed of love in others, magnify it and reflect it back to them. I know I am on this earth to be a reflection of LOVE to all who come into my energetic field. As an empath, I am a channel of Divine Source LOVE, and as long as that is where I focus my attention, I will flow that into this world, allowing it to settle into all the spaces it needs to. 


I now realize it is not my job to do the work for other people. Leading is not corralling. Leading is showing the way and understanding that those who are ready will follow and those who aren’t won’t. And that’s ok. I’m not here to save the world or anyone in it. I am only here to be a conduit of LOVE and live the highest vibration of my incarnation.

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